Sep 08, 2022 - HTML5

In Yahtzee! Wild, you’ll be able to compete with up to 11 players for the top Yahtzee score. Players will have 13 rounds to roll 5 dice to create “poker-like” hands. In each round, players will have 3 rolls to try and maximize their point value. With each roll, you can choose to keep or re-roll any of your 5 dice. Strategically hold onto dice to create 3-of-a-kinds, 4-of-a-kinds, full houses, or even go for broke and go after the elusive Yahtzee 5-of-a-kind! Players will track their overall game progress on their score sheet. After the 13 rounds are completed, all players will compare their score sheets to see who scored the most points and claim the top leaderboard spot!

Yahtzee! Wild introduces the ability to use “Wild Dice”. Players can substitute any dice in the round with a “Wild Dice”. These powerful Wild Dice can be used as any number. Strategically use these dice to complete specific hands and maximize your points. Registered Pogo players will be able to earn Zee Coins for playing which will allow the purchasing and usage of Wild Dice. If players are feeling generous, they’ll be able to gift a Wild Die to a fellow Yahtzee fan in their game.

Registered Pogo players will be able to earn Daily Zee coin rewards. Club Pogo players will earn even more Zee Coins from the Daily rewards as well as earn the ability to unlock custom Yahtzee backgrounds from some of Pogo’s most favorited games.

Join the fun while you shake, score and shout in Yahtzee! Wild